Are You Lead Safe?

February 7, 2011

Do You

  • Live in a home built before 1978
  • Own or Operate a child care facility, including preschools and kindergarten classrooms built before 1978
  • Have a child under 6 who attends a childcare facility built before 1978

It’s the Law

  • Federal Law requires contractors that disturb painted surfaces in homes, childcare facilities and schools built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. Always ask to see the contractor’s certification. As of 2/8/11 ICM had completed all requirements. 
  • Federal Law requires individuals receive certain information before renovating more than six square feet of painted surfaces per room for interior projects or more than twenty square feet of painted surfaces for exterior projects or window replacement or demolition in housing, child care facilties and schools built before 1978.
  • Homeowners and tenants: renovators must give you give you EPA approved information before starting work.
  • Child care facilities, including pre-schools and kindergarten classrooms, and the families of children under six years of age that attend those facilities: renovators must provide EPA approved information to the facilities and to families of children attending those facilities.

Not For

  • Abatement Projects which is a set of specific activities aimed specifically at eliminating lead and lead hazards.
  • DIY Projects where you plan to do the renovation work yourself.


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