Building Codes

January 5, 2010

Many Codes apply to building as can be seen below. One of the most flexible tools for remodelling and rehabilitation projects is the Rehab Code. Familularity with this Code is essential for cost control of these type projects.

NC Building Code Information
Listed below are the codes that are applicable to construction work in the State of North Carolina:

  • N.C State Building CodeĀ 
  • N.C. State Building Code Residential Code
  • N.C. State Rehabilitation Code
  • N.C. State Accessibility Code Volume I-C (1999 Edition)
  • N.C. State Plumbing Code
  • N.C. State Mechanical Code
  • N.C. State Gas Code
  • National Electric Code 2008
  • N.C. State Fire Code
  • N.C. State Energy Code
  • N.C. Administration and Enforcement Requirements Code

Contractor Licensing Requirements:

General Contracting
Projects whose cost is under $30,000.00 do not require a Licensed General Contractor.

Projects costing $30,000.00 require the general contractor to be licensed through the N.C. General Contractor’s Licensing Board.

Electrical Contracting
Electrical Contracting license required from the N.C. Electrical Contractor’s Licensing Board

Mechanical/Plumbing Contracting
Mechanical/Plumbing Contractor’s license required by the N.C. Mechanical/Plumbing Contractor’s Board.