Phase II Storm Water

January 5, 2010

This is a rapidly evolving set of EPA Federal Mandates passed down to the state environmental level that held complex regulations and requirements for counties and municipalities. The main concern of Building and Development is that Post Construction stormwater must not only be controlled to pre-construction levels but that run-off water leaving the site must be of a certain required quality in regards to clarity, turbidity suspended soilds and nitrogen content. Despite the fact Samuel J. Fleeman, Jr. was a member of the Gaston County Policy and Regulatory Taskforce for Storm Water Phase II our best advice is to utilize professional engineers who have experience working with the local program regulators. Below are some links for additional technical information.

North Carolina Phase II

SC Phase II

Gaston County Phase II

City of Gastonia Phase II  Pages 6 and 7 contain important long term requirements for Property Owners